Free log parser

Analysis of Windows logs from different machines is why I need a log parser.
Lizard Log parser is excellent, BUT has only a 30 days free trial (which goes by VERY quickly).
So I have found out a combination of two free log parsers, of which one (Log Parser 2.2) gives the engine, and the other (Log Parser Studio) gives the GUI form (front end).
Log Parser 2.2 is a MS free product – link, but it is only CLI.
Log Parser Studio is a GUI utility which uses it (link), and which comes with a decent number of predefined queries, which are distributed per application.
Here is what it looks like :

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Contact form for a WordPress blog/site

If you want to add a contact form to your WordPress site or blog (like the one I have here), here is what you need to do :
1. Add plugin directly from a blog Dashboard
There are a few for contacts, and I have used “Contact Form 7” (link)
Install and activate the plug-in.
2. Open the installed plug-in with “Contact/Contact Forms” and copy the content in a blog post/new page as is. This will give you a default working contact form.
3. Adjust the contact form according to your needs
Go to “Contact/Add new” and adjust all as you need it to be.
When you have changed all that you want to, there will be a new string at the top.
4. Insert this new string in the contact form page.

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Word Press and header image, and a URL in it

So, how to put a URL link in a header image on a post?
Well you need to edit the page in your WordPress site/blog that is named : header.php
You can come to this page like this : from Dashboard/Appearance/Editor.
There is a writing in it that needs to be changed :
Replaced by this :

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Package manager for WIN 7

Up until a day ago I did not even know it existed!
It is called “Chocolatey”, and its HomePage is here.
It is called from a Power Shell CLI :
PS D:\> chocolatey
Chocolatey v0.9.9.12
It has a free version, and a payable version.
What is Chocolatey
Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows (yum/RPM for Windows). It was designed to be a decentralized framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you need. It is currently using PowerShell as its focus for delivering packages. It is a machine level package manager.

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WIN and PowerShell (PS)

I need to learn things about PowerShell (WIN 7 goes with PowerShell 2.0).
To have a working PowerShell, a installation of .Net Framework is needed (in my case 2.0), and to have a working PowerShell ISE, .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 is needed.

What is PowerShell :
A combination of a DOS shell and scripting environment. It is often used when deploying maintenance scripts across an entire organization. Object oriented. In PowerShell, special commands (known as cmdlets) are typed in after the prompt, and are executed when you press the Enter key.
It is automatically installed on newer WIN.
From its CLI other programs may be directly called.
CLI is VERY MUCH like Linux CLI 😉
It has a “Tab” to finish of commands.
It has several components : pure CLI, ISE and modules
Below is the sign for PowerShell ISE, and for PowerShell itself :
Configuring the PowerShell execution policy requires access to a user account that has local administrator rights to the system that you wish to configure.

How to call it :
Way 1 : Button “Start”/Accessories/Windows PowerShell
Way 2 : Click on “Start” in the search filed type Powershell, or PowerShell ISE

PowerShell CLI :

A second version for PS
Why a second version? Because it has a built-in history, allows a standard copy+paste, has TAB option.
It is a ConEmu Power Shell.

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WIN 7 and its startup menu

How to disable things from a WIN 7 startup menu, which get there in some mysterious ways.

1. Click on “Start”, and than “Run”
2. In the filed “Run” type msconfig :
3. A new window will pop up, with data about system configuration. We need the “Startup” tab :
4. The change will activate from the next restart (logical ;-))

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How to record all that happens on WIN 7 Desktop

Good links for a list of SW : link1 I link2 . I put a mark in front of each SW (1 to 5, 5 is the best). Only for ones I have installed and tried out.
Screenr – can record only up to 5min, so not good enough!
FlashBack – no limit to recording time, but asks for a registration even for a free version.
* CamStudio – works under a GNU GPL license. Sadly a download link that is on its site does not work, but there is a download possibility on SourceForge 🙂
Needs a MS Visual Studio C++ 2010 to get installed (if they are not present it downloads them, and installs them).
How it looks when it starts :
Can record both of my screens, but then the picture is very small and not usable..
It is VERY greedy resource-wise!!! It blocks mouse movements from time to time, and that is NOT acceptable.
Ezvid – free, but records only up to 45min, which is to short.
**** Screen Recorder/Rylstim – has a record option for left and right mouse clicks, which is quite interesting. Has some “Money calendar” in it (not having money, it is of no interest to me), so I will not try it…..
First page :
Works like a charm!
There is only one (small) problem : I have two monitors, and it records only one (the main one).
If I am recording I will have to use only my main monitor. When it is working it is a tray icon :
Webinaria – looks good, but seems to be in French…..
Krut – Very old!
* Icecream Recorder – free, with a PRO version. Free version records only up to 10min, so not usable..
* Active Presenter – also a free and monetary version. Can catch only one monitor, or a part of it. When it is active it is in a lower right tray :
Can also edit the recording, BUT records in a *.approj format???? So, not for me.
* Jing – free, and looks simple (yeesss). Needs a registration, and will not work without it. It is used for video upload, which I definitely do not need.

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Cake with cherries

Turned out VEY good!
And cherries are from my garden, so totally natural 😉

Dough :
4 whole eggs
1 backing powder
2 baggies of vanille sugar
2 soup spoons of cooking fat
100ml of milk or yoghurt
also a grated peel of one lemon (can be added, but is not necessary)
flour as needed
cherries per taste
Mix dough till it is homogenous, and than add cherries gently!
Oil the casserole, and flour it.
Bake in a preheated oven, at 180C.

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Crochet 48 : colorful scarf

I had some leftovers, so I made THIS :

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A HTML and PHP editor for WIN 7

So I need a editor for PHP and HTML pages that works on WIN 7, and is free.
Bluefish (link)
I am using Bluefish, and it works, but it color-coder only HTML pages, not PHP.
Notepad++ (link)
There is also Notepad ++. It does color coding for both PHP and HTML pages.
It can also show the “folder tree” on the left side, like Bluefish (set it up by Settings/Preferences/General/Document List Panel (Show))!

Link for a list of free editors.

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