VSFTPD server – limit transfer rate

There is a way to limit transfer rate in VSFTPD server, and not only by default for all users, but per user also (for example if user pera has a very slow connection).
Two configuration files are to be changed for this. The main configuration file for VSFTPD server : vsftpd.conf (for RHEL and Fedora, it is in /etc/vsftpd folder). A additional line needs to pe placed in it (at the end) :


It is the folder in which we should place per-user configuration files, and theire named HAVE to be the same as the username. The content of those files is made up of the same orders as the vsftpd.conf, and it supersedes it, but only for the relevant user.
Example of the per-user configuration file :(for user pera /etc/vsftpd/korisnici/pera) :
local_max_rate=2000 transfer rate is limited to 2000 bytes/sec
write_enable=NO user can not write on FTP server

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