Another fine syrup

Well, yes.
This time made from mint leaves and lemon.
This combination is wonderful (at least to me), and very refreshing.
So how to make it :
Pich fresh, juicy mint from some clean place (away from roads, polution and such), wash it in cold water, and pick leaves – you need about 4 handfuls of them. Put them in 4l of cold water.
On top sprinkle 100gr of limuntus (lemon acid – E330), and mix in passing, with a wooden spoon. Leave it be for 24h.
Leaves should loose color, and become a little brown.
Than take them out of the water.
Take 2-3 nice lemons, wash them well, and grind them (in meat grinder, for example), than put them in the water, add 4kg of suger, and mix with the (above mentioned) wooden spoon.
This mix should sit for about 24h. Mix it from time to time, so that sugar melts.
After this sift it through the gauze.
Keep it in dakr and cool place (freez it up – but remember that ice has greater volume than water, so put it in plastic (clean, of course) bottles, and do not fill them up to the top).

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