X win for Unix GUI access, and SAR

If you neeed a GUI towards your Linux server, because you only have SSH connection at the moment (Putty for example), here is one small program that is very good for this :

I have tried it, and it works beautifully. It gives graphics interface for such things as Unix SAM or gnuplot.

As for data concerning the CPU or memory usage, set up SAR on your system. It collects data in saXY files, which are usually located in /var/log/sa folder (Linux) or /var/adm/sa (Unix).
With little to no adjustment you can produce graphs (per day) of CPU usage from saXY files using MobaXterm on your WIN machine and sargraph and gnuplot on your Linux/Unix machine.
Those saXY files can be transferred on another machine, but it has to have the same OS as the original machine, or the programs will not read them.

GUI using sargraph and gnuplot on Unix :
Both programs just need to be unzipped, untarred, and they make themselves at home in /opt/sargraph/ and /opt/gnuplot/.
Access Unix server through MobaXterm, using SSH session :
#export PATH=$PATH:/opt/gnuplot/bin
Check :
#echo $PATH

Test gnuplot :
#cd /opt/gnuplot/bin
gnuplot>plot sin(x) This should show a nice sin function in a separate window.

To use already existent SAR data (from the local machine, or copied to it), do the following :
#cd /opt/sargraph/bin
#./sargraph.ksh /apsolute-path-to-SAR-files/saXY
After going through menu, graphic will show up in separate window.

Take care, for Unix use older versions : sargraph (2) and gnuplot (3.7) program…

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