Linux server cloning

These days I am having a problem, I need to make a clone of a whole Linux server, because it is, at the moment, perfectly configured, and I need to add some other stuff, and if that goes wrong, I need something to fall back on.
So, what have I already tried (luckily on my test Fedora 11 ext3 server) :
Note : all the softwares I have tried are free, otherwise Acronis would have been in the first place 😉
1. Partimage – nothing doing!
2. Clonezilla – It makes some backup, but when I try to restore it, it scrambles the whole disc. Also interface is totally confusing. It should work with ex4 FS, but… Also it has some quite huge problems – disc on which the backup is made MUST be larger than the disc that is being backed-up : see here.
3. PING – complicated GUI inteface, totaly confusing
4. G4L – or ghost for Linux, has some rather unfortunate GUI, also it killed my test server…
5. Redo backup – very clearly made GUI, and IT WORKS!!!!!! Tested on Fedora 11 and 13 (ext3).

Good list of Acronis alternatives can be found here.

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