How to look at several logs at the same time

Well it can be done using several SSH Putty windows, and #tail -f command.
Using “multitail” command. Here is a nice link for it : here1, and here2 you can get it for RHEL and Fedora.

The simplest use is to follow multiple logs at the same time :
#multitail -i file1 -i file2 -i file3
Whit this your Putty window it separated into several parts (as much parts as there are files that you follow). File names must give apsolute paths (if all are not at the same place).

If you wish to do some filtering (Squid logs example) :
# multitail -e “” access.log cache.log squid.out store.log

Excellent examples for different usages of multitail can be found here : here3.

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