Accounts on Linux server

There are a few ways and means to handle accounts on Linux server, using GUI, and to free up administrator for other (more interesting) work :
1. You can write a web application to do this
2. You can use a already existing application to do this

I used the option 2. Application is called Webmin (web application which can be freely downloaded here), and I have so set up the account that it can only open and close a account, and absolutely nothing else.
Here are the settings for such a account :
*For the chosen account enable ONLY Webmin module “Users and Groups” .
*Under the properties of this module, enable the selected account to see only users and groups with UID/GID greater than 500 (those are unsystem accounts/groups)
*Set up auto-increment for new accounts/groups (that means that UIDs and GIDs will get theire number automatically)
*For new UIDs and GIDs set up possible numbers to be od 600-10000
*Set up default shell for new accounts to be /sbin/nologin
*Do not enable account renaming
*Set up default Home folders to go in /home
*Disable module configuration change by user

And how it looks like :


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