Cake with apples – wonderful taste!

Recipe is originaly form Coolinarka site, but I have changed it a little…..

Dough :
150gr margarine (seften it in a microwave oven)
100gr of sugar
flour, so that dough can be put in a casserole
And yes, I have not forgotten eggs or backing powder, they do not go in…..
Filling :
600gr of peeled and grated apples
1 soup spoon of cinnamon
1 tea spoon of (powdered) nutmeg
200gr of sugar
2 whole eggs
Mix it well, to get a homogenous mass.
Sprinkle :
100gr grated almonds
2 soup spoons of sugar

In oiled casserole (larger, shallow one) put dough, than filling, and sprinkle.
Put in a preheated oven on 280C.

Yummy 🙂

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