Pumpkin pie

It came out so good, I am quite proud!

I am using a darker read, pear-like pumpkin. It is sweeter than the standard one, and it has fewer seeds in it.

Peel the pumpkin, and grind it (not to small!), so you geta about 1kg.
In it mix about 200gr of grits and 1/2kg of sugar (may be less, according to taste).
I also add a soup-spoon of cinnamon, and a tea-spoon of nutmeg.

Use thin crusts, and make a roll out of 3 of them, I spread a bit of the cooking oil on them, in and outside, and put in them the above made mix of pumpkin, sugar, grits…..
Rolls put in a oiled casserole in a preheated oven on 280C.


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