Limiting proxy

My combination : Squid+DG, and Squid+SG
(SG = SquidGuard, DG = DansGuardian)
What can be done, as far as the limitations go :
1. To limit size of the download file for user IP addresses
2. To limit a total amount a certain user may download in a named time frame

Both possibilities are realized using Squid, not redirector programs.
1. How to block file or page download that is larger than some setup size, for a given user IP address :
acl testing src
reply_body_max_size 500 KB testing
Good link.
2. Using delay pools option
This option is for limiting throughput for IP address (single or a group).
Good link.
Important note :
Delay pools only limits the actual data transferred and is not inclusive of overheads such as TCP overheads, ICP, DNS, ICMP pings, etc.
You can not limit a single HTTP request’s connection speed. You can limit individual hosts to some bandwidth rate.
The delay pools operate on bytes per second, not packets.

3. Problem is that I need a quota for users, not speed limits, and it seems that the only option is a small program named “squish” and it has not been updated since 2006…..
See my future posts, since I will be implementig it.

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