Jaffa cakes

I had a surplus of oranges, so I searched a recipe for this.
True, only one orange goes into this cake, but it was super!

Batter :
3 whole eggs (4 if they are small)
2 soup spoons of seam
1 backing powder
2 vanilla sugar
150gr of sugar
Mix till you get a homogenous mass.
Put it in a preheated oven, 220C.
When it is baked, and cools a bit, smear it with juice of one orange.
1l of milk, and from this put 100ml aside
Put milk to heat, and add 5 soup spoons of sugar.
In above mentioned 100ml of milk mix 2 vanilla puddings, and 2 soup spoons of flour (mix well, so there are no lumps).
Make pudding in a standard way, and while it is still hot, mix in it grated orange peel from one orange.

Put filling on baked dough, and put some chocolate chips on top 😉


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