Caramel wafers

They turned out great, and there was just enough filling for the whole package of wafers!
Filling :
Take 5 soup spoons of sugar and put them in a pot with a little water, and caramelize them. When the mix starts to go brown, you MUST keep gently mixing it the whole time. If you do not it will turn sour.
After the sugar is caramelized, add 1.3l of milk, and gently stir it till caramel dissolves.
Then add slowly 3 vanilla puddings, dissolved in a little bit of milk, and 5 soup spoons of sugar. You will get a very thick pudding this way.
In this finished pudding add 100-150gr margarine and two hand-fulls of chopped nuts.
Put wafers on a kitchen cloth (so it does not stick to the surface), and layer by layer, coat it with this mix.
On the last layer put something wide and heavy, so it gently compresses the wafers.
Remove the compression after 2 hours, turn wafers around so they can dry. Now they are ready to be cut and eaten 😉


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