Compare DNS servers

How to compare several DNS servers, see what problems they have, see which onbes HAVE problems?

1. Number of queries, successful ones, and not
For BIND 9.8 see my post here.
For BIND 9.2 see my post here.

2. Comparative analysis for reply speed
For something like this, it is best to use some of the already existing programs.
For WIN : DNS benchmark (link).
Here is the result it gives :
DNS Bench-23Maj2014
Note :
•Cached lookups (Red bar): The response time for returning cached lookups from the DNS name server.
•Un-cached lookups (Green bar): The response time for returning a new lookup or one with an expired Time to Live.
•Dotcom lookups (Blue bar): The response time for returning a query from a “Dot Com” DNS name server.
•Reliability (Red bar by IP address): The number of lost or dropped queries during the test.
•Rebinding protection: Whether the DNS name server prevents resolution of external names into internal IP addresses.

Under Linux :
Namebench (link)
It gives average reply time for servers, but is less informative than the previous program. It requires Python to work.
One of the useful things this program gives, is this :

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