Find data about remote host, form CentOS 6

1. #host -a IP-address-of-host DNS-resolver
This will not work if host is not defined under that DNS server (reverse zone)

2. Use Angry IP Scan, you can get it from here. A very useful GUI tool that is started from command line.

3. Use arp-scan command from CL. It will not get you a hostname, nut it will get you network parameters of this host. This command is not usually in CentOS package and has to be installed extra.

4. # nmap IP-of-host
Can be used to scan a group aof addresses. Not very useful if you are scanning a WIN machine…..

5. If the host is under WIN AD and Samba :
# nmblookup -A | grep ‘<00' | grep -v GROUP | awk '{print $1}' answers: PROXY-2013 6. How to see open ports on host : # nc -zv 10-30 ..... nc: connect to port 20 (tcp) failed: Connection refused nc: connect to port 21 (tcp) failed: Connection refused Connection to 22 port [tcp/ssh] succeeded! nc: connect to port 23 (tcp) failed: Connection refused Dobar link.

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