Peach cake

Since I had a bunch of our own peaches (sweet, juicy!!), and they can not keep long (even in a fridge), I have used part of them for a very succulent cake.

Peel about 3/4kg of peaches, cut them into medium peaces. Pour 3/4l of water and add 5 soup spoons of sugar.
Put it on stove to boil, and on the side mix 2 vanilla puddings with a little bit of water.
As soon as the water starts to “steram” put in the vanilla pudding mix, and mix ALL THE TIME until it thickens. Leave to cool.
In a casserole put some cookies (piskote in my case), previously dipped in milk, and pour vanilla-peach pudding over them, then a nother layer of cookies, and more of the pudding.
Leave it to cool in a fridge, and later put whipped cream on top.


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