Useful Linux tips

Or how to start a background process, how not to have a window of process open along with th terminal from which the process was started….

1. nohup means: Do not terminate this process even when the tty is cut off.
It means that you can kill the terminal once the process is up and running, and it will still work (one window less!!).
Example : # nohup ioscan

2. > /dev/null means: stdout goes to /dev/null (which is a dummy device that does not record any output).
If you do not want to see a bunch of things as the output of your command. It is usually NOT the case, but good to know…..

3. 2>&1 means: stderr also goes to the stdout (which is already redirected to /dev/null).

4. & at the end means: run this command as a background task.

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