A cake with apples, walnuts and cinnamon

I had a surplus of apples from our garden, from the last year. They were a bit wrinkly but totally fine, sweet and tasty.
So I decided to use them in a cake!

Peel and cut up apples (not to small pieces!), so you get about 1/2kg of them.
Mix them with 4 soup spoons of sugar, and one soup spoon of cinnamon.
Cut up walnuts and add them to the mix.

Dough :
4 whole eggs
1 backing powder
4 soup spoons of sugar
120gr of margarine softened in a microwave oven
flour as needed
Mix all well, so you get a medium-tought dough, add apple mix.

This dough may be fried in oil, or put in the oven.
I did half and half ;-), and the result was VERY good in both cases!

Fried :
Baked in the oven (on 270C) :

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