Greece, Corfu, Dassia

Corfu is certainly a island with plenty of things to see, but that is for 2-3 days, not more. So after that you need good lodgings and nice sea.
We were in a place called Dassia, about 15km from main islad town of Corfu (same name as the island). Our lodgings were excellent (no TV or WiFi, but it was not a problem) in villa Ildi :
There is a sight-seeing post near, and it is worth going, since the view is fantastic.
Our local tour guid was very helpful, nice and full of information.
So the part that was up to the agency gets the highest mark of 5!
Dassia has no place for a nice evening stroll, because the whole village is on the main road, which is VERY trafficky. The side walks are very narrow. Totaly not for a evening relaxation!
Also to get to the beach you HAVE to cross the main road, and there are NO traffic lights, or crosswalks!!! And Greeks have no intention to stop for anybody!
Streets leading to the beach are quite dirty and garbage lies around.
Prices in supermarkets (local ones) are 20-30% more than on the mainland .
Sea was clean and warm, except for the last two days…..
So Dassia as a place gets a middling mark of 3-.
Caffees on the beach were VERY expensive, sunbeds have to be paid for, one ball of ice-cream is 2EUR!
Most of the caffees have WiFi, but you should not dare to sit longer!! The propetitor will very rudely shoo you away!
So Beach caffees : very low mark 1+

All in all, we will NOT be returning. Thasos (another Greek island) was much nicer, people kinder and the atmosphere wonderful!!

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