NFS error on Unix system

If you get this error, while trying to mount a NFS partition :
# ./sbin/init.d/nfs.client start
starting NFS CLIENT networking
mounting remote NFS file systems …
nfs mount: mount_nfs: mount: /local-NFS-folder: Device busy
NFS server not responding still trying

Here is what should be done :
1. Check ownership and rights on local folder
2. Check which process is using your local folder, kill it, and try again :
# ps -exf|grep local-NFS-folder
# kill -9 PID-of-process
3. Restart NFS client :
# ./sbin/init.d/nfs.client stop
# ./sbin/init.d/nfs.client start
4. Test if your Unix client does correct resolving of NFS server :
# ping

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