Gantt diagram on CentOS 6

This is a how-to for a Gantt diagram on a CentOS6 PC.
First of all, what is a GanttProject :
GanttProject is an open source task and project management tool that can display Gantt charts and PERT. Home page : GanttProject homepage
Note : on a start page is a very good video tutorial for basic functions.
What it can do :
Create tasks and milestones. Aside from the start date and duration, every task may have priority, cost, and user-defined custom fields.
Organize tasks in a work breakdown structure. Hierarchical tree where progress, dates or costs of lower level tasks is summarized on the higher levels.
Draw dependency constraints between tasks, like “start X when Y finishes”.
Create baselines to be able to compare current project state with previous plans.

It is a sad state of affairs, but GanttProject has no direct installation for CentOS (it has for Ubuntu, grrrr).
Installation :
Hard prerequisite is having Java Runtime Environment installed.
Soft prerequisite is ability to run java executable from console.
This is chefcked so :
$ java -version
java version “1.7.0_79”
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (rhel- u79-b14)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.79-b02, mixed mode)
Download the ZIP archive.
You MUST work in a GUI environment!
# unzip
Go into the newly made folder (read the readme file!!!).
# ./ganttproject
This opens up a window for GanttProject in GUI environment.
Good GanttProject zip install.
Starting up the application :
To start it up in GUI, you need to access the file, and it has to have in its “Properties” checked up “Permissions/Execute”.
Starting up from command line should be done with the account the GUI runs under (in my case “velda”) :
$ ./ganttproject
If you want to have a desktop link :
# ln -s /home/velda/Gantt/ganttproject-2.7-r1891/ganttproject /home/velda/Desktop/
When you click on it, select the option “Run”.

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