A very sweet and nice cake

Not just because it is mine, but it went VERY well!!

Dough :
2 whole eggs
1 backing powder
250gr margarine, melt it a little in microwave
about 300gr of flour
And no, I did not make a mistake, there is no sugar in the dough.
Bake on 270C, in a preheated oven.
Syrup topping :
2dl of water
6 soup spoons of sugar
3 soup spoons of lemon extract, or juice from the whole lemon
1 soup spoons of cinnamon
1 soup spoons of nutmeg
1 soup spoons of honey (you may skip honey if you do not like it)
Mix water and sugar, let it boil a little, and when it cools of, put other ingredients in.

When cookies are done, and while they are still pipping hot from the oven, por the topping over them, and rotate them a little, so they soak the topping from all sides.
They are the best if you let them settle for 48h, if you can 😉

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