Libre Office Writer and how to replace rows of “enter” lines

If you have a text, but there are HUGE spaces between paragraphs, they can be removed automatically.
These spaces can be :
Line breaks – RE marked as \n
Paragraph breaks – RE marked as \p
To remove them in LibreOffice Writer, you need so-called “Regular Expressions” – RE
To remove those rows, you need to install a added option for LibreOffice : Alternative dialogue Find & Replace for Writer (AltSearch) from this link.
This added option is installed by downloading a file from the link, and double clicking on it.
When it is installed under Libre Office Writer there is a new icon :
When you click on it a new window openes, in which you enter the following :
You must select the option “Regular Expressions”, or it will not work 😉
\n – line break
\p – paragraph break (seen as a Greek letter “pi”)
Just check if it is a line or paragraph break, and that is it!

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