Cheese pie with champignons

I saw some wonderful champignons in my market, and this is the result :

What did I use :
1/2 kg of champignons
250gr of young cheese
4 whole eggs
Fresh dill, finely cut
about 200ml of yoghurt
salt and pepper per taste
1/2 kg of piecrusts
Clean and cut champignons, and fry them on (little) oil
Make cheese into crumbles, mix in fried champignons, dill, salt and pepper. When it is well mixed add eggs, yoghurt and about 1/4kg of teared piecrusts.
Take a oiled casserole, and lay down 2 piecrusts, and some of the mix, than piecrusts again, and the mix, and so on, till you have used up all the crusts and the mix. Oil the lust crust (that is on top).
Bake in the preheated oven at 180C for about 45min.

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