Migration from CentOS 6 to WIN 7

So, my new work machine is a WIN 7 (job requirement).
Here are the replacements for CentOS 6 SW on WIN 7 :
SmartGit editor exists also for WIN 7 (Link).
The various Push commands allow you to push (i.e. send) your local commits to one or more remote repositories.
How to connect client to a local GIT server (in a local network)?
Generate keys on local machine (maybe using PuttyGen), with no password (simpler), save keys on a local machine.
After you have done a git clone, you have a copy of the complete repository.
Make some changes to the local version of the repository, then git add and git commit the changes to the local repository.
git push to publish the changes (“commits”) to the remote repository
Periodically git pull to retrieve any new updates from the remote repository.
ThunderBird also exist for WIN 7, and migration to a new machine is very simple (see my previous post).
IIS (Internet Information Services)
Use IIS instead of Apache
1. IIS is a part of the WIN / OS, so it is installed through : Control Panle/Programs/Turn Windows features on or off :
2. Configure IIS and turne it to a local machine where I am making my WEB site. It is done through : My Computer/desni klik/Manage/Services and Applications :
When you fill the form, check the site (“Browse”) and start it (“Start”) :
If during testing you get a authorization error, see this link.
Such error may be usually ignored.
3. Than you can call the local site with your local IP.
4. If it is necessary to install using a ISO file, mount it locally using DaemonTools program (link)
5. For service graphs I user yEd, and here I am planning on using Visio. There is a yEd for WIN 7 also (link).

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