Thunderbird migration to WIN 7

Or : how to migrate all the mails from CentOS 6 to WIN 7 using the same mail client.
Happy to say in this case, it is relatively easy.
Here are the steps :

1. In the old machine, go to TB and under Help/Troubleshooting information click on “Show Folder”.
You will see where TB keeps its mail data. It is called “Profile Folder”
2. Do the same on the new location (TB has installation for WIN 7 so no problem there)
3. Shut down TB on BOTH machines
4. On the old machine go to the “Profile folder” location, and one step up in the folder hierarchy, and copy all to the location on the new machine (write OVER the existing data)
5. Start TB on the new machine

Good link.
Note : this is the folder you need to back up regularly!!

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