WIN and PowerShell (PS)

I need to learn things about PowerShell (WIN 7 goes with PowerShell 2.0).
To have a working PowerShell, a installation of .Net Framework is needed (in my case 2.0), and to have a working PowerShell ISE, .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 is needed.

What is PowerShell :
A combination of a DOS shell and scripting environment. It is often used when deploying maintenance scripts across an entire organization. Object oriented. In PowerShell, special commands (known as cmdlets) are typed in after the prompt, and are executed when you press the Enter key.
It is automatically installed on newer WIN.
From its CLI other programs may be directly called.
CLI is VERY MUCH like Linux CLI 😉
It has a “Tab” to finish of commands.
It has several components : pure CLI, ISE and modules
Below is the sign for PowerShell ISE, and for PowerShell itself :
Configuring the PowerShell execution policy requires access to a user account that has local administrator rights to the system that you wish to configure.

How to call it :
Way 1 : Button “Start”/Accessories/Windows PowerShell
Way 2 : Click on “Start” in the search filed type Powershell, or PowerShell ISE

PowerShell CLI :

A second version for PS
Why a second version? Because it has a built-in history, allows a standard copy+paste, has TAB option.
It is a ConEmu Power Shell.

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