PHP and HTML, continued

A strange thing, you must not use a sign “+” in the filename.
Why? No idea, but it gives a VERY strange error, and no page, of course…..
Some additional abbreviations :
DOM – document object model
Abbreviations in a HTML table :
th – table header
tr – table row
td – table cell
I must pull data from existing HTML tables (my service catalog) concerning the service name and owner (for all xyz services).
Here is how to show what is AFTER a key word “Naziv” from my abc-it.html document :
And here is how to pull only service name from the whole text :
And variables are :
I got my idea from here : link.
And it all works for HTML files, but NOT for PHP files.
Funkcija file_get_contents ne “hvata” izlaz PHP fajla kako valja, već na mestima gde su PHP funkcije daje kuke I verige (file_get_contents() doesn’t execute PHP statements).
Here it is how I have written this function in the end :
And a excellent link considering this : link.
This works well, but it would be better if data is in the table.
But if I try to put PHP scripts in HTML defined tables, it all comes out shifted to one side and downwards.
Here is what I have tried, and it did not work : command htmlentities, putting PHP in front of the table/in a table, return instead of echo (in a PHP function), different commas (” or ‘)…..

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