My vacation on Zlatibor

Good things :
* Clean air 😉
* All is clean (VERY!!! No garbage around!)
* No stray dogs (yessss!! not to be believed!)
* Excellent hosts (villa “Ruža”)
* Not far by car (from Belgrade)
* Good local shops (Maxi)
* There is quite a bit to be seen in the surrounding area (Great Turist info, should see it as soon as you arive!), although for most of it, it is best done by car
* Very acceptable prices for some local produce (local fruity liquors)
Not so good things :
* very urbanized
* Appallingly high prices for such things as local cheeses
Where you really should go :
* Tornik – a great number of local tourist attractions (sporty), very price-worthy
* Stopića cave – wonderful!!!!, and there is a guide too
* Waterfall (near the cave), good for a picnic, but only in good weather
What you may skip :
* Zlatibor lakes (small, no entertainment…..)
And a few pictures :

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