Fig jam

Since our local fig bore bountifull fruit, and we could not eat it all, I made some fig jam.
This is how :
Wash your figs (no need to peel them)
Put figs in a blender and make a paste/mash out of them (with as little water as possible)
Put the mash in a pot, and leave it to boil (with constant mixing)
Add 3/4kg of sugar to 2,5kg of figs (taste and see what you like)
let it boil on low flame for about 45min.
Take 2 oranges (for 2,5kg of figs), wash them, grind their peel, and juice them.
Add this to the mash (at the end) alongside some cinnamon (2 soup spoons) and some nutmeg, and some rum (per taste).
Mix for a few more minutes.
Let it cool, but not the whole way, then put in glass jars.

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