SNMP connectivity

I have problems with a WIN Vista machine, so WinRM can not be used. I am instead using SNMP.
Problem is, that it is not available through RD, and I am checking ports.
Check-ups :
How to check open ports (take care, these are only TCP ports) :
# nmap -sT -O
If I want to check UDP ports too :
# nmap -sU -p 161

Check direct SNMP connectivity (from a Linux machine) :
# snmpwalk -v2c -c SNMP-community
In paralell see also :
# tcpdump -vv -n -tttt -i eth3 |grep

Check SNMP connectivity from WIN 7 machine :
Which tools I have tried :
(Must be done : Start > Run > services.msc, then look into the properties of “SNMP service”, Navigate to “Security” tab, and try to set to “Accept SNMP packets from any host” to ask itself)
1. Net-SNMP – a bit older but it works
2. iReasoning MIB browser (free version) – works
3. PowerSNMP – not able to install it
4. Snmpwalk.exe (link) – this is only a file you put on WIN 7, and is used from a command line, and this is somehow the most comfortable for me :
>SnmpWalk.exe -c:SNMP-community -r:

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