VCE player

I have tried a few players for VCE files…..
1) VCE exam simulator (-)
Symantec thinks that this file is dangerous, and deletes it automatically, so a no go.
2) Avanset VCE exam simulator (-)
Symantec says it is OK.
Needs a mail address, and gives (for free) only a trial version.
Opens my VCE files, but only the first 5 questions 🙁
It costs 16USD/monthly, which is a bit much.
3) Open Exam Suite 3.1.2 (-)
Opens only OEF files.
4) JQuestions (-)
Old – 2013, but I need only the player part, so it is not a problem.
And it is GNU!
You need to start JQuestions.bat from CLI, needs JVM.
Sadly it does not open my VCE files…..
5) Virtual Collaborative Environment (-)
Malo je mator (2015), ali ne previše.
Cvrc – ovo uopšte nije player za VCE fajlove…..
6) Softpedia VCE Exam Simulator (-)
Kupuje se, ali ima 30 dana free trial (full version je 16USD/mesečno, odnosno 66USD/mesečno!!!).
Daje samo prvih 5 pitanja iz testa…..
7) A+ VCE (+/-)
Microsoft application, needs a legal WIN 10 and a Microsoft account. Works on Android and a VM.
I have problems to download it on my virtual machine!
My problem (error 0x8004804E) is solved by typing (as Administrator) in CLI :
> netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie
Free version opens only first 10 questions. Full version is 20USD permanent license.
How to by link.
8) QueLang (-)
It is for design of questionaires, so no.
9) BlueStack+VCE player A+ (videti stavku 8) za Android (-)
Link1 or link2 for a how-to.
Bluestack imitates Android on a PC, and there are VCE players for free for Android 🙂
BlueStack needs WIN 10, so I had  to set up a VM.
Install takes forever!
Also, BlueStack has a problem if you are behind a proxy server. In that case it needs a additional application : ProxyCap (link).
What else is needed : Google account, .NET Framework 3.5
BUT BlueStacks uses UDP, and it is a no go in my network…..
10) GMAT AWA Sim (-)
Old, 2013, can not start its xxx.jar
11) JPilotExam (-)
Also a JAR …..
Does not open my VCE files.
12) VCE Exam Simulator 2.3 (-)
Symantec is worried, so I will not risk it.
13) VCE Converter (-)
Will not download.
14) Exam formatter (-)
Turns PDF and TXT in VCE, so not for me …..

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