A pumpkin cake

It turned out great (not because it is mine :-))

Ingredients :
4 whole eggs
3 handfuls of chopped pumpkin (small pieces, about 5mm)
2 handfuls of cut up walnuts
100gr of raisins
1 backing powder
2 vanilla sugar
150gr margarine
sugar per taste
Flour per need (about 1/2kg)
grind rind of one lemon
juice from the said lemon
1dl of milk

First mix up : eggs, sugar, backing powder. Add grated lemon rind, lemon juice, a few spoonfulls of flour, and mix well. Add margarine warmed up in a microwave, and more flour. Add milk, and more flour.
When the mix is homogenized, add pumpkin, walnuts and raisin.

Bake in a oiled casserole on 180C.

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