SQL for beginners, SQL 2008 installation on WIN 2012 R2

So my new job 🙂
I should learn SQL.
And since I am a total tabula rasa (for SQL), this is for total beginners 😉

SQL is a language for accessing databases. It can add tables/rows/columns, data, and do queries.
Normalization1 – a single value in a cell, tied to primary key
Normalization2 – separating one table in two, so that data in tables is not duplicated. Those two tables have primary keys that tie them together.
Normalization3 – no redundant data
Why do all this? Because relational DB can not contain duplicated rows.
Relational DB -DB in which data is easily tied together, examples : MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL……
Table in DB MUST have its “primary key”, which is unique in that table.

Youtube link for MS lecture on SQL
Youtube basic SQL queries.

So as not to spoil some already existent DB, I did the following :
1. Installed VM WIN 2012 R2
2. Turned off the firewall (if it is left “on” it gives VERY strange errors)
3. Installed .Net FW 3.5 (dependency for SQL server 2008), this must be done through Server Manager or CMD (as Administrator).
Mount there WIN 2012 R2 instllation (ISO is mounted on F:) :
dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /all /Source:f:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess

Good link for this.
4. Installed MS SQL Server 2008 SE (test)
5. Check up if it is started after server restart : “server manager”/Tools/Services
6. Do Windows Update, and reset the server (again!). Control Panel/Windows Update
7. Copy some small DB, and do its restore to VM

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