Crochet 68 : brooches (4)

Some more, and all for sale :

Green songlet :

red-orange carnation :

Little lilac thingy 🙂

Lilac carnation :

Blue carnation (I was in a carnation phase) :

And some more lilac and yellow :

Blue water lily :

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Crochet 67 : brooches (3)

I quite like making brooches, so here are some more :
(and as you already know, sale, since I have no more room for them 😉 )

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Crochet 66 : brooches (2)

These are also for sale! I have no more place at home 🙂
Cute lilac brooch :

Combination of orange and gree, very refreshing :

Cute little rose brooch :

Another orange combination :

Cute little blue thing 🙂

And some more lilac :

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Crochet 65 : brooches (1)

I was not feeling well, so I did a bit of crochet (brooches are for sale!).
Nice green brooch :

Brooch with a little red rose :

A colorful one :

How do they look from the back :

Elegant blue brooch :

Extraordinary blue brooch :

A yellow-red rose :

A flower wreath brooch :

Cute blue one :

Green summer brooch :

Merry lilac :

Lilac with ribbons :

Lilac flower with leaves :

“Vertical” flower brooch :

Merry orange one :

Nice discreet blue-green brooch :

A totally blue one :

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Crochet 64 : how to lengthen a shirt

A few of my shirts got shortened in wash 🙁
But that can be mended!

And some nice crochet details that I will saw on my red dress :

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How to buy a A+VCE from Microsoft

It is not easy to buy something from Microsoft, if you live in Serbia.
In my case it is a A+VCE program.
What you need :
* Microsoft account
* Valid payment method (PayPal, credit card for Internet payments…..) which you put under your MS account
* WIN 10 PC (software demand, and this is what I chose) or Android
* Valid license for WIN 10
* Configured WIN 10 :
Control Panel/ Regional and Language settings set your Time Zone and (a MUST) country (if you do not, it will always ask for a payment method, although you have entered a valid one).

And then you buy A+ VCE using the program itself, and use Serbian Microsoft Shop!

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WMI service on WIN 2008 server

MS SCOM reported some trouble with WMI service.
WMI=Windows Management Instrumentation.
I tried restart through Server Manager/Services, but it got stuck neither here nor there.
1) Restart iz CLI-a :
(as admin) :
>net stop winmgmt
2) If that does not work, find the process PID and kill it :
C:\Users\velda>sc queryex winmgmt
WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 0 (0x0)
WAIT_HINT : 0x7530
PID : 248
C:\Users\velda>taskkill /f /pid 248
ERROR: Server execution failed
3) S8ince that did not work, from wmi console :
wmic:root\cli>list status winmgmt
Code = 0x80080005
Description = Server execution failed
Facility = Windows

Conclusion : WMI is in a totally lost state, and the whole server needs a restart, when there are no users on it.
Links : link1, link2, and a VERY good one link3.

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IPv4, IPv6 and networking for MCSA 70-410

I have some problems with this, so it is easier for me to make some notes.
Possible networks :
A – first octet : 1-126, CIDR notation : /8
B – first octet : 128-191, CIDR notation : /16
C – first octet : 192-223, CIDR notation : /24
D – first octet : 224-239, CIDR notation : N/A
E – first octet : 240-254, CIDR notation : N/A

Mogući broj podmreža : 2(exp)s, gde je s=broj bitova odvojen za podmrežu
Mogući broj hostova/nodova u mreži : 2(exp)h-2, gde je h=broj bitova odvojen za host deo mreže

Pripomoć pri računanju bitova :
2(exp)7 2(exp)6 2(exp)5 2(exp)4 2(exp)3 2(exp)2 2(exp)1 2(exp)0

Privatne mreže :
A –
B –
C –

Kako izgleda raspored bita u IPv6 adresi :

8x16bita=128bita, ili
8x4hexadecimal digits (hex numbers are not case sensitive)
Napomene :
You can have only one double-colon notation within any IPv6 address.
IPv6 addresses do not employ subnet masks, but rather use the same CIDR notation used with IPv4.
::1 je pandan za = loopback
Unicast 6to4 addresses – 2002::/16
Multicast adrese uvek počinju sa ff00::/8
:: is a unspecified address ( u IPv4)
When you see the 5efe block within an IPv6 address, this identifies the address as being an ISATAP address.
64 last address bits should always be reserved for host address (necessary for auto configuration). The rest is used for network and (if necessary) subnetting.

IPv6 address scope :
Global unicast – 2000::/3 – globaly routable addresses
Link-local – fe80::/64 – nonroutable addresses (exist inside of the subnet)
Site-local address – fc00::/7 – internaly routable addresses

Tipovi adresa :
*Unicast – packets addressed to this type of address are to be delivered to a single network interface.
By default, all unicast addresses are divided into a 64-bit network component and a 64-bit host component.
*Multicast – Represents multiple interfaces to which packets are delivered to all network interfaces identified by the address. Multicast addresses have the first eight bits set to 1s, so they begin with ff .
*Anycast – represents multiple interfaces. Anycast packets are delivered to a single network interface that represents the nearest (in terms of routing hops) interface identified by the address.

IPv4 to/from IPv6
Adrese za prelazak sa IPv4 na IPv6 :
*Compatibility addresses – address represented by 0:0:0:0:0:0: w.x.y.z , where w.x.y.z is the IPv4 address in dotted-decimal, or ::ffff:w.x.y.z
*Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP) addresses – An ISATAP address utilizes the locally administrative interface identifier ::0:5efe: w.x.y.z , where w.x.y.z is any private unicast IPv4 address, or ::200:5efe: w.x.y.z , where w.x.y.z is a public IPv4 unicast address.
*6to4 addresses – 2002: wwxx:yyzz ::/48 in the case of a public IPv4 address w.x.y.z
*Teredo addresses

Network notes
You cannot change the subnet mask of a DHCP scope without deleting the scope and recreating it with the new subnet mask.
You can verify SRV locator resource records by viewing Netlogon.dns.
Edge traversal allows the computer to accept unsolicited inbound packets that have passed through an edge device, such as a network address translation (NAT) router or firewall.
The legacy network adapters do not support bandwidth management.
When the DHCP role is installed, the firewall rules are automatically added.
If its own IP address is not in the list of authorized DHCP servers (“Allow” filter list) , the DHCP Server service does not complete its startup sequence and automatically shuts down.
netsh.exe is used to configure IPv4 from CLI.
Virtual switches may be :
* External – VMs may access the physical network
* Internal – VMs can access each other and host machine, but NOT the physical network
* Private – VMs can access each other but NOT the host machine or physical network

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PATH variable in WIN 7

How to change PATH variable?
In my case, how to add Java HOME in PATH :
0. See where is your Java home, in my case it is in : C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_29\bin
1. Right click on My Computer on desktop (ili kroz Start dugmence)
2. Select Properties
3. Select Advanced System Settings
4. Select Advanced tab
5. Select Environment Variables
6. Select Path under System Variables
7 .Click on Edit button
8. In Variable value editor paste this at the start of the line
C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_29\bin;
(Yes, dot+dash MUST go at the end!!!)
9. Click Ok then Ok again
10. Restart command prompt otherwise it won’t see the change to the path variable
11. Type java -version in command prompt – there you should get a output for JAVA version on the local machine.

Good link.

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VCE player

I have tried a few players for VCE files…..
1) VCE exam simulator (-)
Symantec thinks that this file is dangerous, and deletes it automatically, so a no go.
2) Avanset VCE exam simulator (-)
Symantec says it is OK.
Needs a mail address, and gives (for free) only a trial version.
Opens my VCE files, but only the first 5 questions 🙁
It costs 16USD/monthly, which is a bit much.
3) Open Exam Suite 3.1.2 (-)
Opens only OEF files.
4) JQuestions (-)
Old – 2013, but I need only the player part, so it is not a problem.
And it is GNU!
You need to start JQuestions.bat from CLI, needs JVM.
Sadly it does not open my VCE files…..
5) Virtual Collaborative Environment (-)
Malo je mator (2015), ali ne previše.
Cvrc – ovo uopšte nije player za VCE fajlove…..
6) Softpedia VCE Exam Simulator (-)
Kupuje se, ali ima 30 dana free trial (full version je 16USD/mesečno, odnosno 66USD/mesečno!!!).
Daje samo prvih 5 pitanja iz testa…..
7) A+ VCE (+/-)
Microsoft application, needs a legal WIN 10 and a Microsoft account. Works on Android and a VM.
I have problems to download it on my virtual machine!
My problem (error 0x8004804E) is solved by typing (as Administrator) in CLI :
> netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie
Free version opens only first 10 questions. Full version is 20USD permanent license.
How to by link.
8) QueLang (-)
It is for design of questionaires, so no.
9) BlueStack+VCE player A+ (videti stavku 8) za Android (-)
Link1 or link2 for a how-to.
Bluestack imitates Android on a PC, and there are VCE players for free for Android 🙂
BlueStack needs WIN 10, so I had  to set up a VM.
Install takes forever!
Also, BlueStack has a problem if you are behind a proxy server. In that case it needs a additional application : ProxyCap (link).
What else is needed : Google account, .NET Framework 3.5
BUT BlueStacks uses UDP, and it is a no go in my network…..
10) GMAT AWA Sim (-)
Old, 2013, can not start its xxx.jar
11) JPilotExam (-)
Also a JAR …..
Does not open my VCE files.
12) VCE Exam Simulator 2.3 (-)
Symantec is worried, so I will not risk it.
13) VCE Converter (-)
Will not download.
14) Exam formatter (-)
Turns PDF and TXT in VCE, so not for me …..

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